Thomas S. Algeo, J.D.
International Aviation Consultant
Citizen of the United States and the European Union
Fluent in Portuguese  –  Eu falo português

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As an airline transport pilot and a lawyer, I know that the aviation industry becomes more complex with each passing day.  Government oversight is continually increasing.  Globalization requires compliance with the regulations of several jurisdictions at once.  And skyrocketing costs are causing everyone in the aviation service and supply chain to charge more for their products.  In this market, it is imperative that manufacturers, operators, and all those who support aviation demand quality from their vendors and provide quality to their customers.  This requires a solid foundation of workable systems and procedures, and developing these systems and procedures requires the assistance of a knowledgeable aviation professional. If you have questions regarding your operations, maintenance, compliance, or other aviation needs, contact me to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.


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